Some of the Client Reviews

I appreciate her hard work, dedication and very close attention to details.

Ms. Ramona Kennedy has been sincerely helping me since 2019. I am an immigrant and a business owner in Los Angeles, Nevada, Washington (Seattle).

I have been involved in Commercial Transportation and Commercial city and urban development for the last 26 years. My father and grandfather have been heavy weighers and successful business owners in the last 70 years.

Being in the market of dealing with various business owners, customers, consumers in all levels of life, colors and creeds for the last 26 years and then choosing and hiring my attorney, I would say that an excellent lawyer who is strategic and helpful would be a very important element of success in life.

There have been incidents that I didn't know Ms. Kennedy and things didn't go well. I have consulted with her in my business and immigration. I have also asked questions about my friend's criminal cases and referred them to talk to her.

I appreciate her hard work, dedication and very close attention to details. I will be sending my cousin to her as well. Thank you for being an excellent lawyer and a kind person who answers my legal questions in a very clear way. Of course, I recommend my excellent lawyer.

– Amir

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