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Some of the Client Reviews

Attorney has helped me for years

I personally think this review is long overdue, but then again I am doing it now. I hired attorney Ramona Kennedy for my case and I have referred to her multiple friends and families.

She has been my attorney for all business and immigration issues for the last few years. The reason she is the only person I would go to for my legal needs is she is legally updated, sharp, personable, over the board detailed and responsible. In my experience of the last few years, when she takes over a case, she does it with dedication and bold honesty.

She is by nature protective. She would sometimes advise me and sometimes I would do things my own way and then she says “I had told you”. I have sat across from her on a table to discuss multiple legal issues and questions when I have had some answers or tips I have heard from friends or even and found that each time her advice has been well-rounded, strategic, to the point, helpful and productive.

I am a business owner and she is my personal attorney in all immigration and all business matters. No way and no how I would go to other attorneys. To be honest, she is my first point of counsel, even if she is not practicing a particular subject, she has very good insights. I would like to hear it before further actions are taken or before I talk to others.

The mental state of trusting someone because she has my best interest at all times, she does her best work is something that does not come to the mind of a businessman, because he chose someone from a list.

This happens when the person has tested and worked with an attorney and in my case during times I have learned how capable, trustworthy, strong , detailed and honest she is. I feel legally protected when she is involved.

As a successful business owner of years, a family man, an immigrant, a person who works hard to make it happen every single day, when I face legal challenges in a country which anywhere I turn there is a law that needs to be followed or every single business detail that need to be in compliance or every single piece of immigration process that needs an attentive, caring, responsible and strong lawyer, I feel just happy and at ease because I can turn to a person like her.

Much of my personal success , family success and accomplished organized plans and goals have been dependent on her guidance and work. I would say as we live in a world of choices and sometimes luck; I feel very lucky I was able to make the choice of hiring her since the last few years.
She is my lawyer for the rest of my life and I hope she finds time during her busy schedule to read this and get encouraged and know many truly value her and depend on her service.
– Anonymous

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