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I have known attorney Ramona Kennedy for a few years & have asked for her professional legal help and advice in subjects I was dealing with; because of my involvement in the community, I have recommended her to a few hundred people throughout the times I know her.
She is highly skilled lawyer, classy, attentive, detailed and very sensitive to helping others.
I have been a resident in a few countries in my life, including both the US and Europe; I have owned various businesses in one field for more than two decades. Professionalism, altruism, kindness, knowledge and personality matter to me and that is why she is my first and last choice to go to for legal work.
وکیل عزیز و گرامی, من سالها در آمریکا و اروپا زندگی کرده ام و اهمیت کمک به همنوع در جوامع کوچکتر خصوصا مهاجران را با تمام وجود درک کرده ام. من از نزدیک دیده ام که شما با تلاش برای بالا بردن دانش حقوقی و رفع مشکلات وقت گرانبها را در اختیار دیگران قرار میدهید و برای حل مشکل با جان و دل کار میکنید از وجود شما قدردانی میکنم

– Anonymous

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