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I truly do not know where to start. It was in the beginning of the 2020 Covid Pandemic, and I was going through some changes in my spiritual life along with legal questions and absolutely desperate and confused about what to do. I called SO MANY and when I say SO MANY, I mean A Lot of lawyers while I had never had any legal experience which required talking to any lawyers in the US. Absolutely clueless about how and where to find a trustworthy lawyer whom I could afford as with very limited sources of income. We all know all the things said about how lawyers could exaggerate about their capabilities and I could not afford getting into trouble because my lawyer didn't understand my situation. To make it short, I went through Hell. I could do nothing but googling name hours and hours of searching and calling. Aside from some of the astronomical fees that I could not afford at all, many of them were not even willing to listen to you. I will never forget about one of them from California who told me “You are calling from Midwest; I am in California. Your situation does not look good and also I don't think there is much I could do for you (laughing).” The rest either looked sketchy when I looked them up here and there on Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media or would directly refer me to the secretary right away. A couple of them asked for some stupidly high amounts for only hearing the case aka consulting time (which was less than an hour). Dr. Ramona Kennedy already had high reviews on Google and was on my list and when I say I could have NEVER gotten luckier in my whole life that I found her and she returned my call. Dr. Kennedy called me and OMG, aside from her calming tone which brought life to my soulless body, she talked to me about my case for more than an hour!!! I couldn't believe she was real! I didn't even need to think twice. She was it! Dr. Ramona Kennedy not only calmed me down but also explained my situation and my options to me one by one very directly and without sugarcoating. She saved my life, saved me, my soul, my future by explaining and answering my questions… She never even once mentioned the distance as a barrier in the way of accepting me (I was still in the Midwest and she was in California). In the very beginning of my case, we faced an unexpected problem with some groups…She immediately contacted them and set a meeting right away with them and me to explain about my situation and have them hear her. This was not even expected anywhere in my case! I have been with Dr. Ramona Kennedy for more than a year now and trust me when I say, she does not look at you as only a client. She deeply cares for your situation. She spent hours and hours talking to me no matter what time of the day or night during all those harsh times. She is on top of every single step of any client's case. I have NEVER seen any lawyer replying to emails this fast! Our emails were like conversations. One after another right when I was sending them which was an absolute relief because when you are in trouble and you HAVE TO share it with your lawyer, nothing could hurt you and your situation more than a lawyer who gets the payment and ghosts you or replies days or even weeks after. She is VERY meticulous with all the documents and their timing. I have never had lost any due date of sending any documents and in fact, she kind of rushes you in a good way! Lol I have nothing to say but to anyone who is reading this, you will see NOTHING but successful survival and hope with Dr. Ramona Kennedy. I am mentally, spiritually and physically am in a much better place in life because of her legal advise and actions suitable with facts of my case. It has been months that I feel a form of mental peace and stability and I thank God for that. I am mentally not even comparable to where I was a year ago. I feel safe, happy, and feel that it was an absolute great idea to hire Attorney Ramona Kennedy. I owe it all to God and then Dr. Ramona Kennedy.

– Anonymous

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