Some of the Client Reviews

Miss Ramona Kennedy has excellent analytical; communication and legal skills.

Since I have hired and been working with Miss Ramona Kennedy I feel at peace and cared for after long years of being in legal issues (almost 5 years) and going to people who didn't know or got paid but didn't care.

I paid a lot of money in the past to learn how to choose a good lawyer.  5 years of my life to learn that a good lawyer is not found by accident but she must be interviewed from the beginning to be knowledgeable, genuine and kind and someone who values you.

Since I have hired Miss Ramona Kennedy, I feel I am part of my case and I know details of my case in my first free initial case evaluation more than I knew in the last 4 years, when I was a client elsewhere.

In the past I didn't have direct contact with lawyers.  Here I have direct contact with my lawyer. The direct contact is very important to me, because it is the lives of me and my children that would be affected so I am glad I am kept in the loop.😊😊

Miss Ramona Kennedy has excellent analytical; communication and legal skills. I want to thank her and her staff for being so kind and attentive to my needs.  I just feel well-informed and well taken care of. It is what I needed since the last 5 years but I am appreciative--good things happen to good people.
– Fahime

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