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Being awesome in what she does, she is still humble and likeable.

I hired attorney Ramona M. Kennedy to do my case and throughout the years I have used her consultation for various legal cases; she spends time understanding me and advising me accurately. I am very pleased that she explains the legal outcome to me in simple ways so I have my options.

I believe peace of mind is a big part of hiring someone you can trust.  I am a business owner in Los Angeles and Orange County and also an immigrant. I travel for my business so during my trips, I need to be assured things would go well. For me knowing who to trust, who to talk to about my troubled situation, who to hire to represent me and who to choose to be by my side is a matter of "make or break".

In my own world, I am successful and hardworking. I think it is wise to hire someone who is a match, who is responsible, accountable, has good character, takes her job seriously and at the same time is personable. Ramona Kennedy is a great attorney and I like that she cares to let me explain my feedback on options she gives me. Afterall I am a business owner and a strong-minded immigrant.

During the last few years, and while I came to her to consult on different legal things, she handled information given to her with focus, intelligence and sometimes used humor to make me smile even amid complex issues. She showed intelligent empathy;; I found that human-like.

Ms. Ramona is sharp, I don't remember ever needing to repeat myself or be concerned that she won't get the whole picture; when I was going through turmoil, I could rely on her. Being awesome in what she does, she is still humble and likeable. Years of challenging experience with legal cases have taught me hiring a top lawyer is priceless. I continue working with her.

– Los Angeles Business

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