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There are less than 40 days left for a hopeful nation to attend their US presidential election. The 2020 US presidential election is happening under a very unique circumstances–Covid-19 pandemic and its multi-faceted national effects.

The hope of having a prosperous country has made Americans, a proud nation of warriors, to voice their opinions and to set political debates at various levels: schools, workplaces, streets, churches social medias and more.

The subject of some of these political debates is “American Immigration Policies”.

Prosperous country to most Americans means “prosperous individuals”. America is an “individualistic society”. It needs to continue to be that way to ensure its “global superiority” at all levels: economics, technology, welfare, pursuit of happiness, superior military power, etc.

Friedrich A. Hayek, a 20th century economist and social philosopher had agreed with American view of “Individualism”. In 1946, he made a speech at Trinity College, Dublin by the title of Individualism True and False.

He thought the ultimate societal prosperity is accomplished where the true system of “individualism” is being practiced. But are the “immigration” and “individualism” against each other? Of course not.

Factually speaking, since the modern formation of American society, and even before the declaration of independency, the American individualistic and capitalistic culture has fundamentally relied on its immigration policies to sustain its “global superiority”.

Please remember , its not a matter of philosophy or abstract theories to argue America has been most dependent on “Immigration”, its “pure statistics”.

As a matter of fact, America has mostly viewed and used “immigration” not as a matter of “humanitarian policies” but more as a matter of “commerce, technology, economics and human resources”.

So, when an American politician uses “anti-immigration” policies/rhetoric to “enhance” the pool of voters, he is using American people's sentiments for “more prosperous society”—here an “individualistic society”.

Such politician, based of numbers, is misleading the “American mass believers and dreamers”.

There are many immigrants who come to the US and have already completed advanced-level university education. Or they are world-known athletes, scientists, artists, investors, or entrepreneurs. They are many that come as “prominent” students and will continue to be the exceptional workers in US market.

Also, there are many who come to the US and work very hard. They are not on welfare—simply because for the most part they are not qualified to be on welfare or their “perceived integrity” and “ “formed social identity” do not let them be “welfare users”.

Then why the anti-immigration policies? Because it appears to be the “simplest answer” to the “most complex problems” and it is easy to deceive a nation with it.

This anti-immigrant sentiment has become so “in fashion” that sometimes the least prosperous immigrants may even choose to “verbally associate with it” to “show off” the degree of their “assimilation” to the “main stream” using “anti-immigration” rhetoric.

Its interesting that all of sudden and against all factual numbers, “anti-immigrant rhetoric becomes indicia of intensity of assimilation for even the first-generation immigrants”.

Most these political rhetorics are “factually baseless” and serve as “pure propaganda”.

There are many centers for immigration studies in the US, and their numbers agree on the following: (For example refer to • Immigrants do not have higher rate crimes • Immigrants contribute positively to the government finances with small impact on native-born low skill wages • High-skilled immigrants make especially high contributions • High-skilled immigration drastically increases “innovation” • Output in the economy is higher and growth is faster with more immigrants

An immigration case can be filed within the US territory or outside of the US via Investment, asylum, marriage, family, or work (skilled workers are prioritized).

If you, your friends, or your loved ones are in need of an immigration consultation, our office does free consultation. For oversees visa request, you must first fill out a questioner to determine the type of your eligibility.

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