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Whether it is interpreting laws  regulations and rulings for individuals  and businesses or advising and  representing clients in private legal  matters, before government agencies or  in courts ATTORNEY RAMONA  KENENDY has excellent communication  skills. She is orally articulate, has great  analytical skills and takes deliberate  efforts to listen to client’s case from the  beginning 



I have never met an attorney so caring. Ramona truly cares about  her clients and does her absolute
est to help them. She gave me  hope and strength when I needed it. She doesn’t waste time and  gets the job 
done. She is available to answer any questions you  may  have. If you are looking for an attorney that will l give you the results that you want, don't look any further.   "Former Client"


 Attorney Ramona Kennedy does not  overtake a case unless she is confident   she has covered all the details and has   mapped a reasonably foreseeable legal   solution towards solving it.

 An attorney not only solves legal       Problems but can help to prevent    problems from even coming into         appearance. While most people look      for attorneys when problems arise it    is advised to have a lawyer to provide    you  with all the legal needs you have 

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Our Blogs and Publications are great resources. Please refer to to receive information.  Blogs however are general information and do not necessarily relate to your specific case. Blogs are not legal advise and reading them do not create an attorney-client relationship. Our initial case evaluation is free. Take advantage of this opportunity and  make yourself ready to understand your situation better. The difference between success and failure often is "knowledge". When it is given to you use it to put your self in a more advantageous situation.

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