How to Effectively Handle Contract Disputes

What is a Contract Dispute?

 A contract is a legal agreement binding two separate parties entailing various forms of responsibility and duties that each party is assigned, while dispute is a disagreement of something. A contract dispute occurs when either party involved in a contract disagrees with anything pertaining to the terms, conditions, or definitions within the contract.

Common Contract Dispute Examples

  • Commercial Leases
  • Company Contracts
  • Tortious Inference
  • Material Breach
  • NDA
  • Consumer Contracts
  • Sales of Goods
  • Non-Compete Agreements

Reasons Contract Disputes May Occur

  • Ambiguous or vague language resulting in open interpretation
  • Discrepancies in pricing
  • Errors in invoicing
  • Fraudulent intentions
  • Quality of any finished service or product being unsatisfactory

The language used in contract is often difficult for the average person with no legal background to fully understand and comprehend. These contracts are known for being writer by lawyers to for lawyers to comprehend and analyze.

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