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President Donald Trump’s Election & US Immigration

After the historical election of the US presidency won by a businessman, Mr. Donald Trump, a lot of questions have been directed towards immigration matters. The truth of the matter is, America has voted for legal immigration, less procedural complexity, more expedited process, less regulations & improvement of international trades–beneficiary to America.

America is a nation of immigrants who have chosen to migrate, work hard, build a new life & be an important part of the America's cultural, socioeconomic & political legacy.

We should work hard towards the goals that 1)all US visas specially Treaty Visas (E2 & E1), Investment Visas (Eb5)& Work Visas get a fresh start 2)  immigration process gets expedited & 3)work visa's be fully tailored to the overwhelming demand of the US market.

America, after all is a land of opportunities & president-elect himself is a validation to that.

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