America Proved Not to be the Suburbs of Paris; Criminal Immigrants Made the Top List of US Deportati

Recent U.S. politics have recycled the narrative of dangerous immigrants to advance their xenophobic agendas.

From depicting immigrants as lazy, dishonest, or even dangerous, politicians throughout history have influenced public opinions with their distorted views. Now with Donald Trump preying on the public's insecurities, the U.S. government has even gone as far as trying to label general groups of immigrants as dangerous terrorists.

With the rise of xenophobia in America, the increased scrutiny on immigrants stresses the importance of creating the most competitive and comprehensive visa application. When it comes time for the United States Department of Homeland Security to review your documents, a well-written application will let them get the best understanding of the applicant.

The main goals of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is to keep the country safe. With a well-written explanation, your application can explain without a doubt, that you will be a model citizen if admitted.

Homeland Security's mission will naturally direct their focus on an applicant's criminal records, or lack thereof. Criminal records have always been an important aspect of U.S. immigration and continues to affect each individual's likelihood of being admitted in the U.S. After all, one's past is presumably a good indicator of someone's future actions.

As of recent, the United States Department of Homeland Security has increased their on immigrants coming from the middle east. In other words, visa applications from Iran—especially those with criminal records—will be reviewed with increased scrutiny.

Being involved in crimes in the past does not necessarily harm your application. In some cases, victims of crimes are granted special favors in the immigration process. For instance, if a victim of domestic violence makes a compelling case of his or her dire circumstances, the applicant's reviewing officer may be convinced to grant them special favors.

On the other hand, individuals with criminal records will find the application process more challenging if they fail to sufficiently explain the past crimes. But even if it is more challenging, it is by no means impossible. There have been countless cases of immigrants with a criminal record for stealing. If an individual were to explain that they were stealing basic necessities—food, water, etc.—for survival, their crimes may be overlooked.

The overgeneralized, deprecating narrative politicians create about immigrants only makes it more difficult for hard-working, honest individuals to distinguish themselves from this misrepresentation. More specifically, immigrants from the middle east have been the main target for Donald Trump.

Even though these events may discourage some that are looking to immigrate, rest assured, this is simply another small obstacle a legal team can help you with.

The nuances and details of creating a competitive visa application for those with criminal records ultimately stress the importance of consulting experts before you begin your application.

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