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Revocation of US Citizenship

Grounds for Revocation of US Naturalized Citizenship

In general, one maybe subject to the revocation of naturalization when:

1. Person Receives Naturalization Illegally

Meaning the applicant was not eligible for naturalization to begin with.

When requirement for naturalization WAS not met, and the person still received citizenship.  For example the following were not met: residency, physical presence, lawful admission, good moral character, and attachment to the U.S. Constitution.

Discovery of failure to fully met the above criteria results in an illegally procured citizenship.  Ignorance of the facts or unintentional failure to disclose or innocence are not  defenses.

2. A Person hides or misrepresents “material facts”

If US citizen conceals material facts willfully, and becomes naturalized as a result of it, the naturalization is revocable. Concealment include omissions, adding, concealment on the application or during the citizenship interview

3. Affiliation or Membership with Certain Organizations

Membership of affiliation with certain groups such as totalitarian groups, communists, terrorist within 5 years of naturalization is grounds for revocation.

The grounds for revocation is argued as persons inability to abide with or agree with the US Constitution which is necessary for the “good order and happiness of the United States”.  The “5 year time” shows the person was not in the right mind to affiliate with US constitution & to proclaim an oath of allegiance with sincerity & pure heart.

4. Other than Honorable Discharge before Five Years of Service after Naturalization

A military personnel who becomes naturalized through military benefits is subject to the revocation of citizenship if he leaves the Armed forces under other than honorable discharge and the discharge happens sooner than 5 years of service.

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