Persecution in US Asylum Applications

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An Asylum applicant has the burden of proof to establish either past persecution or well-founded fear of future persecution; whereas the government is either unwilling or unable to protect the applicant from harm or would be part or cause of the persecution.
To establish past or future persecution the applicant may ask for protection from harm because of his race or religion, national origin, his political opinion or membership in a particular social group.The notion of persecution has been applied broadly based on specific facts. For instance: except when discrimination is outrageous, it would not be grounds for persecution

Or mere harassment would not amount to persecution. Generally speaking, economic hardship does not amount to persecution, except when it would cause a threat to an individual's life or liberty. Asylum applications are fact specifics; where multiple factors need to be considered. It is highly recommended to consult with our office as soon as possible, as we are very familiar or willing to get familiarized with your facts. 

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