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Eb5, Investment, Trump & Immigration ; the Ongoing Controversy

The public's mixed feelings towards president trump's immigration policies have been unable to create a straight reacional platform as to whether the changes he has caused thus far benefit or damage the US economy.

One of the recent affected areas of his immigration hasty policies is Eb5; US Investment Visa. President has increased the amount from $500,000 to $900,000 for every household including wife and children under 21 years old, stating the “inflation” as the main reason for the change.

Whether the investment has increased or decreased the foreign investments in reality we perhaps will know in the future. For the moment, we can accept the laws enforced as of November 21, 2019 and start investing for Green Card if we can afford it.

Here is the breakdown of this great program: The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program has been both successful in granting many foreign investors entrance to the United and stimulating U.S economic growth.

For the United States, the Immigrant Investor Program has added countless jobs for Americans. For immigrant investors, the EB-5 program is attractive because it simultaneously allows investors to expand their businesses and obtain a U.S. visa.

The program functions by allowing foreigners to invest money in a U.S. business, while creating jobs for qualified workers. Though this continues to be a successful program, several changes have been made that investors should be aware of. Considering the fact that these rules are often subject to change, it paramount that investors seek consultations.

Recently announced by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, one of these major changes was the minimum investment amount. Specifically, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is raising the minimum investment from $500,000 to $900,000, effective as of November 21, 2019.

Though this increase is to account for inflation, changes such as these highlight the importance of having the most accurate information. Investing large amounts of money with the intention of meeting the $500,000 threshold will not be the same if the investment is made after November 21, 2019. Ultimately, the reason why the United States is offering the EB-5 pathway to a Visa is to incentivize successful immigrants and to stimulate the economy.

As the American economy continues to grow, these important changes to the minimum investment amount is bound to change. These changes may happen as often as couple years, so if investors are unsure consultations are definitely recommended. Being one of the greatest and most successful countries in the world, the United States Government has placed restrictions on the number of immigrants admitted yearly.

Restrictions are currently in place limiting the number of green card investors. Green card investors are limited to 10,000 applicants per year.

Anticipating that the upper limits will be reached, the Department of Homeland Security integrated the rule that priority retention rates will be granted to EB-5 investors. Essentially, this rule states that EB-5 petitioners will retain priority dates based on the order it they were filed.

This rule favors the investors who are proactive and ready to take advantage of the Immigrant Investor Program, as they anticipate an influx of applicants in the future.

Alongside these changes, there are many other requirements attached to this program. Considering the ever-changing details of EB-5 program and the capital investment required, legal guidance is highly recommended when your $900,000 & your green cards are at stake.

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