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Why Is It highly Recommended for You to Have Legal Representation?

There have always been obvious legal reasons where one needs to hire an attorney. But these reasons in some legal matters were not as compelling as we have seen it in the most recent years.

For example, After September 11, 2018, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services changed policies so some applications will be denied without receiving any RFE (request for further evidence).

The result of this policy has been devastating for applicants. There are many applicants that have worked very hard to be a model citizen, pay taxes and to live and practice based on their best behavior during years of residency in the US.

These immigrants have heard the stories associated with the Famous American Dream and tried to be the very example of its achievers. They have worked hard so that one day they would receive the honor of being a US CITIZEN and to receive protection under the mighty government of the United States.

And at some point, because they didn't have a legal representation, their applications have been easily denied. Even sometimes a group of family members with similar life stories have had various acceptance and approvals regardless of their similarities.

Sometimes denials were due to the clerical error, sometimes they were due to the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the rules and sometimes missing major documents. The denials ,if not corrected and appealed ontime would be grounds for reapply and submission.

Reapplying continue new filing fees and a long time wait as it is now taking a lot more time to receive updates from USCIS ( US Citizenship and Immigration services). It also may subject a denied application to new rulings of US government and president Trump where an applicant must follow further guidelines or procedures.

The Overall circumstances with US Immigration and Services have put many hardworking, law abiding citizens on a difficult path. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you to overcome all these obstacles and become a US Citizen or succeed with other immigration dreams (Having a student Visa, Proper Visa Documents, Green Card, Asylum, help with Removal and Deportation and Etc, etc).

This is an immigration legal blog. It is not intended to be used as legal advice. And dos not create Attorney-Client Relationship.
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