EB2 National Interest Waiver

Are you a successful, hard-working, and well-educated immigrant looking to start a life in the United States? If so, the EB-2 National interest waiver may be the perfect application for you.

Most employment-based visa petitions have earned the notorious reputation amongst immigration experts as timely, inefficient, and often unsuccessful. The harsh reality is, many of these employment-based applications require too many moving parts that are often bound to fall through.

For instance, many similar processes require applicants to have job offers, work certifications, and other parts of the application that are, quite frankly, difficult to obtain before actually immigrating. When applicants need to rely on offers and certifications from employers or other oversea connections, the application process naturally becomes more timely and difficult.

With USCIS' EB-2 National Interest Waiver, this program allows eligible applicants to bypass many of the obstacles that employment-based visa petitioners have to face.

For one, qualified immigrants can apply for a “National Interest Waiver” (NIW) which essentially allows a foreign national (the applicant) to self-petition. When applicants are self-petitioning, they are filing an I-140 on behalf of himself/herself without the sponsor or endorsement of an outside employer/labor certification application.

Naturally, applying for such an important waiver that saves time, money, and headaches requires a well-crafted application highlighting the individual's assets.

Characteristics that will positively influence an applicant's chances include but are not limited to:

  • Applicant's proposed endeavor/career is considered by the USCIS to have substantial merit and national importance. Areas of interest may include business, science, technology, health, culture, or also education.
  • Applicant is equipped with the necessary tools to advance the proposed career goals. In other words, USCIS will look beyond an applicant's proposed interests and goals. Consular officers will evaluate the applicant's achievements (education, experience, skills) in order to evaluate the applicant's position.
  • The benefits (for the U.S. and individual) the applicant applying with NIW outweigh the advantages of not having the original requirements waived. In other words, the time, money, and resources spent requiring the original process would be outweighed if the applicant were given an expedited immigration process.

In short, these three general “buckets” or main ideas are areas of interests that help an USCIS consular officer assess the applicant's merits and potential. Fulfilling these three areas of interest have historically increased an applicant's chances of success in the EB-2 process.

With application waivers such as these, it is highly advised to seek legal experts with superb writing skills. Legal experts that specialize in immigration matters are well experienced with these waiver applications and understand what USCIS officers are looking for.

With the help of the right legal team, EB-2 applicants can be confident that they are sending in the most compelling applications that highlight their most important accomplishments and potential.

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