Asylum, Asking American Government for Protection under President Trump’s Policies

In regard to asylum laws, President Trump wants to change the policies and proposes as follow:

1)Social Group: He proposes Narrowing the particular social group guidelines

2)Political Group: He imposes restrictions and demands higher standards

3)Persecution: He demands to show sever level of harm

4)Gender Persecution: He demands to exclude gender from eligible persecution criteria

5)Encourages Discretionary Denial based on:
1-Unlawful entry to the US
2-Failure to file taxes
3-Failure to seek asylum in other countries if previous entries made
4-Unlawful presence of more than one year before asylum request is filed

Asylum seekers have always been one of the main immigrant classes since America has become a country.

Contrary to what is being portrayed, asylum seekers are not just products of mercy of a country on a protected class.

Many asylum seekers have become highly educated, honest and hardworking Americans. They have been great citizens with real jobs that affects the infrastructure of America.

Despite what current President Trump is suggesting, Asylum has been and always will be a backbone of “What Americans Stand for”.

They are good for any “capitalistic ”, “economically thriving”, “technologically advancing” society. They are good for America.

An affirmative asylum happens when one on a Valid Visa Status or Not being in Removal Procedure applies to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) and receives protection under the US government.

An Affirmative asylum seeker takes refuge to the US government because her life is in danger in the country of origin or country of nationality or country of residency.

If someone is unable or unwilling to return back because she feels her life is in danger, she would receive a favorable asylum decision.

An Asylum seeker must prove past or future persecution and must apply within 1 year of entry to the US or explain the extended one-year delay.

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