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EB1, the Visa for Extraordinary Applicants

Do you have exceptional abilities, knowledge, education, or skills? USCIS will give you a green card if you are approved.

Individual with extraordinary abilities who also needs a United States green card can take advantage of the EB-1 program currently offered. The EB-1 program allows extraordinary individuals an employment-based, first-preference visa. In other words, the United States Citizens and Immigration Services is trying to welcome the brightest and most-capable individuals from around the world with this special immigration process.

How do I know if I qualify as an individual with extraordinary abilities?

Most successful applicants in the past years have ranged from outstanding professors/researchers to leaders of multinational businesses. These individuals' level of expertise often need to be backed by physical achievements such as: Nobel prizes, teaching awards, and published materials. For influential executives of multinational corporations, physical achievements can come in forms of salaries, recommendations, or other indicators of success.

Though each occupational category do vary from one another, each still have certain requirements that must be met. Due to the complex nature of all these different requirements, it is best to to contact our office today for legal guidance on your specific case.

Essentially, the EB-1 program is broken down into three major categories: extraordinary abilities, outstanding educators, and multinational executives. Besides fulfilling the prerequisites for the respective fields in the following three categories, there is still a secondary criteria these individuals must fulfill.

Despite the fact that all 10 the criteria do not need to be fulfilled; applicants need to satisfy at least three of the 10 options. Examples of a few secondary criteria options are listed below for reference. Please note that this is only a partial list.

 Proof of membership in associations in the field which demand outstanding accomplishments from their members
 Proof of one's commercial success in their designated field
 Proof of receiving nationally or internationally recognized prizes for excellence

Ultimately, the decision on whether to apply for a United States green card via the EB-1 program is an important one that applicants should carefully consider. Though there are many benefits with the EB-1 program, there are also many detailed prerequisites that one should consider. If you qualify as a competitive applicant or are not sure, it is advised to seek legal counsel before starting the process.

It is advisable to seek legal guidance from our office today as we strive to help guide you with your specific case. 

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