Practice Areas

Attorney Ramona Kennedy is available to explain the options in your legal matter; discuss strategy; provide a potential timeline for you if possible. Your session with attorney regarding your legal case is confidential. The initial case assessment is free of charge.

Immigration Law


US federal laws relate to the permanent or temporary relocation of individuals from one country to the US. It involves often complex federal statutes and regulations that would shape the life of individuals.


Our office is capable in helping you in all aspects of Immigration laws, whether it is a family-petition, business-petition, asylum request, court petitions, criminal immigration complications or anything related to them. It is crucial to consult with a lawyer before you make decisions that affect you and your family for the rest of your lives.



Business Disputes


When a business is engaged in commerce, contracts, merchandising, trading and sales. Or when a business renders services it would need legal help in any kind of business arrangements, business disagreements or disputes.


Most business owners often regret when they do not involve a lawyer at the early stages of their business or through step-by-step legal decision makings that involves other parties.


Our office can help you during the time of business needs and business disputes.


Criminal Law

A criminal case (except traffic violations or infractions) carries potential for jail or prison time. Criminal cases are complicated, and the consequences are often harsh.


Certain convictions will have adverse effect on the employment of the person. Also when a noncitizen gets convicted besides incarceration he can be deported or lose the chances of even becoming a US citizen.


Its important to discuss your case with an attorney so you could get help and clearly know all your options.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes between parties to a transaction or homeowners with associations or homeowners with general contractors or subcontractors are very common. The disputes often involves rights of the parties and errors or intentional breaches that happened.​

Because real estate is often the largest asset one has, the disputes can be emotionally charged. It is vitally important to discuss your options with legal expert before you write or agree to any terms. 


Court Trials

When parties to a lawsuit or criminal proceedings can’t solve their disputes or charges outside of the court or there is a tax problem that can't be resolved with IRS; parties must attend a bench trial (judge only) or a jury trial (judge and group of civilians who will vote) to resolve their issues. In trial you will have a structured process of representing facts and evidence.


Trials can be hard and emotionally devastating. To receive help in your process you must contact a lawyer who understands your case well and is willing to fight for you.

Personal Injury

​Whether you are injured in a car accident, slip and falls or other accidents due to the negligence or intentional acts of other parties or whether you have a loved one to be dead as a result of that (wrongful death) or whether you are lawfully entitled to receive compensations through your insurance and your insurance is not helping (insurance bad faith) you can’t do it alone you will need an attorney who cares for you and we will fight or your rights.