Qualifications and Benefits of the EB1 (A) - Visa for Artists


EB-1 (A) is a sub-category within the EB-1 Employment based Green Card. An individual who is qualified for the EA category is someone who must be gifted in one of the areas of sciences, arts, education, athletics, or business. For the category you wish to qualify in you must provide evidence.

If you are a high-achieving, successful artist and believe that the United States may benefit from your abilities within a successful professional career, this may be the right visa for you. This particular category applies to all kinds of artists, including performing arts, fine art, or applied art. 

For an athlete, this would mean an Olympic medal.

For a teacher, you must provide an offer of employment from the prospective U.S. employer. This employer must show documented accomplishments and that it employs at minimum 3 full-time researchers.

For managers of multinational businesses, the petitioning employer must be a U.S. employer and intend to employ you as a manager or an executive.

The petitioner must have been doing business in the U.S. for over a year. The applicant must also intend to work within the same field within the United States as he or she is applying with and be able to demonstrate how their expertise within the subject could benefit the US. In order to qualify for an EB-1 (A) visa, you must provide evidence of great ability within a specialized field, acquire national or international acclaims, evidence of memberships in associations within the specialized field demanding outstanding achievement, etc.

These qualifications may also be proven by providing evidence of major awards, evidence of authorship of scholarly books or articles, evidence of success in the performing arts, evidence of published material, etc. There are great benefits of the EB-1 (A) visa as well. No labor certification or employment offers are necessary and foreign nationals are able to self-petition.

If you have been gifted with an extraordinary ability within any field of art and are seeking to immigrate to the United States, then the EB-1 (A) may be the best suitable visa for you. 

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