When US National Interest Is Involved US Immigration’s Discretion Supersedes Department of Labor’s Authority

In order to get a #GreenCard base on US employment categories both immigration ( #USCIS#NationalVisaCenter, State Department, US Embassies & Consulates) & Department of Labor must be in coordination with one another. But, when US national interest mandates, the involvement of “Department of Labor” may be waived. USCIS (United States Citizenship & Immigration Services) has discretionary power to issue approval of the waivers and Green Cards for otherwise qualified applicants. Each issued Green Card allows Green Card for the applicant's dependents:
Spouse and all of his/her children under 21.

In employment- based #visa categories I and II, where employers sponsorship is waived, USCIS may base its decision considering the following factors:
The applicant's:
a-Knowledge, degree, skills and prior success
b-Future activities or a plan for future activities
c-Progress towards the claimed endeavor
The US Market's:
a-Potential investors, consumers & market's demands & supplies: all based on evidentiary documents
b-Any other proof that applicant is well-prepared to benefit US market & that the beneficiary is well-positioned to advance the proclaimed endeavor.
c-Evidence that in balance,
It would be to the US interest to accept a well-positioned, educated, skilled & talented immigrant worker without approval of the “US Labor Department” and,
Without fearing that such immigrant will take a spot of a qualified US citizen. Or ;
even in the light of assuming that the applicant will take the spot of a US worker, such take over will still benefit US market, in balance.
In general, #USCitizenshipandimmigration Services has entertained the #Immigrant Visa Requests from extremely talented immigrants coming from various countries. It's a known fact that almost always, the most talented, most successful, most educated & most skilled workers–professionals, athletes, & researchers– have received visas to #migratetotheUS so the#landofopportunity may take advantage of the world's best of the bests. Therefore, If you consider yourself of extraordinary talents & skills, it would be wise to consult an experienced #USlawyer to determine your qualification of entering the American Job Market without the “Department of Labor's” approval and via an immigrant visa issued by #USCIS.

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