Reasons Why Someone May Seek Asylum in the United States

Some foreign nationals visit the US with a temporary visa for reasons that have been approved by the US government. However, during their stay in the US, things may develop in their home country that makes it no longer safe to return. For those who have legitimate fears of returning home, the US offers asylum protections, which is legal protection. A foreign national may fall under the category of an Asylum seeker if they can demonstrate that they have a legitimate and well-founded fear of being persecuted in their home country. There are a lot of things that the potential asylee must prove, and the way they prove it can be difficult without the help of an experienced and competent immigration attorney. One of the important ways an immigration attorney may help an asylee seeker is to help them articulate why it is no longer safe for the asylee to return home. Why the asylee feels they may be persecuted, such as due to their religion, race, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular group. When Asylum status is granted, they are allowed to stay in the US indefinitely, are allowed to work, and are even allowed to apply for a green card.

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