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The United States has always been regarded as a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Where immigrants could bring with them their culture and heritage and still adopt the American way of life, without giving up who they are and how they were raised.

To help promote cultural understanding and education, the United States offers the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. This is for the benefit of both Americans and of people from other countries.

This visa benefits the Americans by allowing them to be in contact with people from different parts of the world. Experience their language, their foods, and more importantly get a perspective on how people from other regions of the world think.

The way this benefits the foreign national is that for starters they are allowed into the United States. They get to experience all the culture, art, and cuisine that not just native-born Americans have to offer, but what the world has to offer since they will be in contact with people from all over the world who immigrated to the United States.

Once the immigrant obtains their J-1 visa, they may be allowed to stay in the United States for up to 5 years. In this time, they can absorb as much as the United States has to offer. But as mentioned earlier, the immigrant does not have to compromise the way they were brought raised.

Once they complete their program, the J-1 Visitor are expected to return to their countries.

If the J-1 visitor has a family, such as a spouse and children under the age of 21, they may be allowed to come with the visitor.

To help you complete all the required form and to guide you with which documents you may need, it is highly advisable to obtain the guidance from a seasoned and competent immigration attorney. This may make the process much easier and less stressful.

One of the important requirements to the J-1 visa is that the visitor has a sufficient level of English proficiency. There are other requirements that the visitor must meet before they can obtain this visa. This is why having the guidance of a competent immigration attorney is advisable.

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