What To Do If Car Dealerships' Fails To Honor Warranty

Purchasing warranty on a used car is extremely beneficial for consumers as it is meant to protect you in a situation where the vehicle has any mechanical issues within the indicated time frame after purchasing the vehicle. Though paperwork and contracts may go far into detail, they may be quite brief about the warranty and therefore used car dealerships will not always honor the warranty that the consumer purchased- especially if the repairs are quite serious and expensive.

In addition, a dealer or manufacture legally cannot refuse to honor the car warranty of a vehicle or warranty repairs for the sole reason that another individual other than the dealer  worked on the vehicle. Meaning that if you had used a local shop for an oil change or rotation of tires, your warranty still must be honored under federal law.

For used car dealerships, making repairs on sold vehicles is not as profitable as having mechanics repair the used cars before putting them out for sale. However, as a consumer, if you are purchasing warranty with the intent of protecting yourself from potential mechanical issues then the dealer must honor their word and warranty coverage.

If the car dealership will still not honor the warranty of the vehicle, there are steps to be taken in order for the repairs to be fixed with no additional charge.  

  • Contact Warranty Company

In this situation, it is best to directly contact the warranty company and make it known that you are completely clear on what was agreed upon on the terms of agreement. You may ask the company about what is and what is not covered under the purchased warranty, if this is something that needs further explanation. Contacting the warranty company directly may also put pressure on the dealer itself to honor the agreement and fix the repairs necessary.

If the dealership still will not honor the car warranty, it is best to contact an auto fraud attorney that will help you exercise your legal right to sue the dealership and fix the repairs that should not have been the consumer's issue, rather the dealer's.

  • Contact Attorney Ramona Kennedy

The failure to honor a warranty to fix vehicle repairs falls under auto fraud and is illegal. It is unfair to the consumer and by contacting a knowledgeable attorney, it is much easier to take action and discuss your options.

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