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Interpol and Red Alerts (International Arrest Warrants)

It is important for people who travel to foreign nations to obey the local laws. This is because a crime that is committed in a country such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), by someone from the nation of Germany for example, the crime that was committed in the UAE may follow the visitor back home to Germany. This is because many nations have signed a treaty to become a part of Interpol and all the resources that comes with it. Interpol is an international police force that works all over the world in countries that have a treaty for Interpol to operate out of. The UAE for example, may issue a Red Notice through Interpol, which is an international warrant. The Red Notice, issued in the UAE would follow the foreign national back to their home country of Germany, where they may be arrested and possibly even extradited back to the UAE. The Red Alert has as much information of the individual as they have, including a photograph of the individual. However just because a Red Noticed is issued that does not mean that the only way to get it taken away is through arrest. There are other options. However, the best way to help remove a Red Alert is usually to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who is well familiar with how Interpol functions.

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