Obtain a Green Card Through Self-Petition

There are two main forms of immigration to the United States, these include employment-based and family-based petitions. For example, through employment-based immigration you must have a job offer from a US company. For example, through family-based immigration you much have an immediate relative who is a citizen of the US so that they can sponsor you for a green card.

  • Advantages of Self-Petitioning
  • Approval of labor certification is not necessary (saves the time that it would take to get approved, therefore reducing the time it takes to obtain your green card)
  • Do not need a job offer from US companies

 The options for self-petition green cards include the NIW or extraordinary ability petitions. They vary from the other green card processes since it requires the applicant to demonstrate they they will be working in their field of expertise within the United States and it is of national interest. These cases are for professionals who are of high levels of expertise and experience in their respected field of work.

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