EB5- Direct Investment; Be in Charge of your Money and Get a Green Card for you and your family.

One option for those seeking entry into the United States is the EB-5 Direct Investment Visa. This is an attractive option for investors and entrepreneurs because it gives them insight in the way that their investment funds are being used.

This provides peace of mind to the investor because the knowledge of how their investment is being used provides security in knowing that their investment is not being mismanaged. Furthermore, the investor gains valuable experience with the operations and running of a business and allows them the opportunity to develop their business portfolio.

One of the requirements for an EB-5 Direct Investment visa is that the foreign investor be actively engaged in the operations of the business. This means that the investor has to have some sort of power or control over the business, such as to create policies or even manage the business.

The good part about being actively involved is that a government officers is given a greater degree of leeway when determining if the foreign national is fulfilling the active involvement requirement, than other requirements. What the government is more concerned with is that the funds being used in the investment are from a lawful source.

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