Different Methods to Obtain United States Citizenship

It is possible to become a United States citizen in many different ways as long as they meet the requirements based upon the form that they wish to use in order to obtain citizenship. The most common form to reside in the United States permanently is to become a legal permanent resident or by becoming a green card holder.

• Four Main Paths Towards Citizenship 

1. Naturalization: Through obtaining a green card, you will be able to become a naturalized citizen as long as you meet the requirements. Having your employer file a petition on your behalf if you have a great job offer is one way of meeting the requirements, this demonstrates your skills and abilities. You may also be able to obtain a green card though any relative that resides in the United States. If you are under the age of 21 years and unmarried, it is also much easier to obtain a green card. If you are refugee an asylee that has lived in the United States for a year, then you will also be eligible to obtain a green card.

Requirements of Naturalization: 

- Physical proof of presence in US for at least 2.5 years
- Knowledge of basic US government and history 
- Good moral character
- Must know how to read, speak, and write in English
- 18 years of age when filing application
- Provide evidence of a permanent home in US at least five years before applying 

2. Marriage: Being married to a United States citizen is another way of obtaining a green card, filing certain forms in order to establish a relationship between your spouse and you proves that you two have a legal and valid marriage. Further documentation will be necessary in order to prove this, such as a marriage certificate. 

3. Parents: Having parents that reside in the United States makes it easier to become a US citizen as well. One of the parents must have resided within the US prior to child being born in order for this form to be valid. The parents must also be married to one another and have been living in the US for a certain period of time, specifically five years prior to the birth of their child. 

4. Military: Being in the military displays honor in the United States, this is another form of applying for naturalization. However, you must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for becoming a naturalized citizen through the military or armed forces.

Requirements of Military Naturalization: 
- Knowledge of basic history and government of US
- Must know how to read, speak, and write in English 
- Good moral character
- 18 years of age when filing application

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