2023: What might change in Immigration Law

With a new speaker of the house, and a slew of Biden campaign promises following the
midterm elections, change is expected to come regarding immigration law in 2023. This change
will rely on the prospects of bipartisan-legislature in the house, especially with an ever-divided congress. Even so, it remains that the house is more likely to pass immigration laws
tightening and strengthening our borders, rather than opening them.
Republicans have won a majority of seats in congress, and border security is at the
forefront of their agenda. With this in mind, we may see tighter restrictions for all pathways to
immigration. This makes it all the more important to consult with an immigration lawyer as soon
as possible for the best chance of success on your case.
The White House under the Biden-Harris administration maintains that it will increase
security along the U.S. Mexico border, according to a White House Statement on January 5th,
2023. However, the Biden-Harris administration has also vowed to increase and expedite legal
pathways for foreign nationals to cross the border within the bounds of the law. Considering the difficulty of passing these measures through the House, executive action may be seen from Biden, as he has done so in the past with several other immigration policies.
Within the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), we can expect to see some changes as well. The USCIS budget has seen little change in the last several years, however, the USCIS has vowed to address the backlogs and delays that applicants may have experienced. Citing the Covid-19 pandemic and lack of funding, the number of backlogs in the USCIS have been accumulating over the past 3 years. Backlogs refer to the number of applications that have been submitted, but not yet
processed. The USCIS enacted new policies in March, last year (2022), and has begun to see
progress from the year prior (2021). The USCIS has also vowed to address long processing
times, and we may likely expect see progress by the end of this year.
With many policy changes and leadership changes in the US government, there is much
uncertainty for what lies ahead. Though what remains certain is that an immigration lawyer is
more necessary than ever to navigate the current administration and help you to receive the
proper help you need. If you need any help within the immigration process, do not hesitate to
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