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The Process of Civil Lawsuits

  • What is a Federal Civil Case?

A federal civil case involves two or more parties that are in a legal dispute. Once a complain is filed by one party and pays the requires filing fee, this is hen a civil action begins. If the plaintiff is unable to pay the filing fee, they may request that the fee be waived.

  • Civil Lawsuit Process

The plaintiff must contact the court and serve a copy of their complaint on the defendant. In this complaint, they must include physically injury or damage that the defendant caused as well as exactly how the damage was caused. They must also show the court's jurisdiction and ask for relief from the court itself. This relief may include financial compensation for the injury or damage done, however it may also include a declaration of legal rights.

Once all evidence is heard in court and each party gives their argument, the jury will make decisions based on the judge's explanation of the law that is relevant to the case. The jury will determine whether or not the defendant should be held liable for harming the plaintiff in any way, and if so, they will also determine the financially amount in damages that will be mandatory for the defendant to pay based on the damage.

 In the case where a jury is not present and the case is tried, a bench trial will take place where the judge will decide the outcome for the defendant and plaintiff. In all civil cases, plaintiffs must convince the jury with justifiable evidence that they have been harmed and the defendant is liable for the damage that has been done.

The civil litigation process is designed to help compensate the plaintiff for any damages or injuries that had wrongfully occurred while creating liability for the defendant to help restore justice in cases of civil litigation.

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