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Most Successful Visas

While many factors influence the success and issuance of a visa, including the country
you are applying from and your status in that society. There are generally some visas which are
much more easy to receive than others, and some that may be easy for one individual and
difficult for another.

Of course, different visas have different requirements, and privileges they allow you, so it
is important to be sure that you apply for the right one. That being said, here is a list of popular
visas and their respective approval rates for the year 2021:

● The H-1B Visa for Alien Specialty Occupation saw a 92.9% approval rate for 2021
● The O-1 Visa for persons with extraordinary ability and dependents saw a 91.9%
approval rate
● The C-3 Visa for government officials, members of immediate family, servants, and
personal employees in transit saw a 97% approval rate
● The P-1 Visa for artists, entertainers, or athletes received a 95.5% approval rate
● The H-2B visa for temporary, non-skilled, non-farm workers saw a 94.1% approval rate
● The E-2 Treaty investor Visa saw a 92.5% approval rate
● The K-1 Non-Citizen Fiancé Visa saw an 82.2% approval rate
● The F-1 Foreign student Visa saw an 80.2% approval rate
● The B-1/B-2 Temporary Visitor Visa received a 83.2% approval rate

Almost all of these categories have seen positive trends, as compared to past years. While
prospects for the current moment are positive, be sure to consult an attorney for help with the
immigration process as soon as possible.

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