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E2 Visa

The United States offers many business category visas for willing foreign investors searching for an option to obtain a visa. However, it is very important for the investor to be aware of the important requirements the visa has for the investor and how the investor invests his or her money. One key guideline to this visa is that the investment can either be to establish a new business venture, or the investment can be used to purchase a pre-existing business.

To begin with, it must be stated that an E2 Treaty Investor visa is a no- immigrant visa. This means that the investor is not granted legal permanent residence and only has a limited amount of time that he or she can spend living in the United States. The visa is usually valid for 2 years; however, the applicant may apply for unlimited extensions so long as the visa is valid.

If you are granted an E2 visa however, you are allowed many freedoms that may make it worth while to the investor. For starters, the investor and his family are allowed entry to live in the United States for the length that the visa is valid. Next, the investor and his or her spouse are allowed to work in the business they are investing in, and any accompanying children under the age of 21 may attend school, college, or university. This visa also allows travel in and out of the United States.

An E2 treaty investor visa is a non-immigrant visa reserved for foreign entrepreneurs of countries that have a Treaty of Trade and Commerce with the United States. E2 investor visas allows foreign investors to enter and work inside of the United States based on a substantial investment in a bona fide enterprise. In this article we're going to explain the top E2 Visa Requirements for Investors and the qualifications.

This visa is not offered to everyone however. In order to qualify for this visa, the United States must have an investment treaty with the foreign national's home country. Some examples of countries that have an investment treaty with the United States are: Belgium, Iran, Germany, Canada, the U.K., and Turkey, to list a few.

Living in a country that has an investment treaty with the United States is not enough. The applicant must be a citizen of one of the qualifying countries. Being a legal permanent resident of one of the qualifying countries is not enough. The applicant must have a valid passport from the treaty country. Also, the applicant does not have to be living in the country at the time of applying.

Finally, there is the matter of the actual investment that must be made, what the investor may invest in, how much must be invested, and what the United States hopes the investment will accomplish. Due to the complexity of this section, this portion of the requirement of the E2 investment visa will be discussed in its own blog.

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