What Happens if Your Contract is Voidable in California?

What makes a contract voidable?

The contract must be legal consensual in order to be considered enforceable under law. There must also be a defined “consideration” signed between two separate parties agreeing to the terms of the contract. Voidable contracts are valid in cases where one party was threatened or forced into entering into any agreement or was under any kind of influence, any party is mentally incompetent, any party made a mistake in terms of interpretation, any party breaches the terms of the contract, and if fraud was involved.

After the contract is deemed as voidable, the party that is affected can either continue as they wish or leave the contract without committing a breach of contract. In some cases, minors that enter contracts with large businesses can either leave the contract without any penalty or continue moving forward with the agreement.

The court will refuse to enforce the terms of the contract only if the contract is deemed as void.

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