Why Having the Right Contract is the First Step to Protect You Against Future Civil Litigations

Commercial litigations or business disputes go back to the reference of “what was agreed”, “what went wrong?”, “who did the wrong?” and “how much damage did this wrong cost?”

And of course the frontier of all these questions is “what was agreed”, and that is the very meaning of “contract” and that is why a “contract” must be well-thought and well-written with the help of a knowledgeable and caring lawyer.

A contract's language often will help to answer to the raised issues of breach of the contract, fiduciary duty, contractual obligation, fraud, personal services expected, commercial and business promises whether its between two individual parties, two corporations, or an individual against a corporation.

Absent violation of federal, state, municipal, city and applicable local laws, a language of a contract is the bible of the interactions between two parties.

A contract defines the course of actions or inactions in the future and present of all activities between the parties.

A contract creates rights and sets forth a remedy for violation or ignoring or shortcoming of performance towards such rights.

A contract maybe the sole reference a lawyer can use to set things right when allegations of breach, fraud or misrepresentation have been brought up by the opposing party.

To have a great contract is to protect yourself against actions done in good faith or shield against acts eliminated with intention of abuse of fair dealing.

A well-thought, well-written contract may not be the entire business deal but it's a necessary start, contact a business and contract lawyer to learn what is best for you.

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