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EB2 NIW, Visa for Scientists

If you believe that you have been gifted with an extraordinary ability within the field of science and are seeking to immigrate to the United States, then EB-2 (NIW) may be the right visa for you. Scientists/science professionals or researchers who have established, reputable credibility within their field but have not yet been recognized as the top leading scientist in their study are encouraged to apply for this specific visa considering the practical benefits that are offered. However, there are different requirements so it is substantial to educate yourself on which one may be more suitable for you.

  • Benefits of EB-2 NIW:

- No sponsor or employer necessary

- No employment offers necessary

- No labor certificate necessary

- Majority of visas are attainable in most countries

  • For the NIW to be granted, the foreign national must show three things:

The first requirement is that the alien must show that his/her proposed endeavor is considered to have substantial merit and national importance. The second requirement is that the foreign national must be able to advance the proposed endeavor. The final requirement is that the applicant must present evidence that the U.S. would benefit on balance to waive the job offer criteria for an EB-2.

There are many fields that have national importance. Healthcare, business, education, technology, etc. What this means is that the government provides many opportunities to recruit the very best in various fields from around the world. The foreign national just needs to think about how their work may impact the United States nationally.

The second prong is a little easier to accomplish once the first prong has been met. This is because the foreign national may show that they can use their knowledge and experience to help in their field of work. However, even proposing innovative ways of solving problems in their field of expertise may help meet this requirement. This is because all fields of endeavor are always changing and looking to be more efficient.

Finally, the last prong calls for the foreign national to show that their work will benefit the United States. This does not mean that their work will succeed. It just means that it has the potential of benefiting the United States.

Lastly, the EB-2 NIW visa allows the family members of the applicant to accompany them to the United Stated. This benefit is extended to the applicant's spouse and children, so long as they are below the age that the United States has set at the time of applying.

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