“TEA” $500,000 Investment, US Green Card

Most EB-5 investments are directed towards targeted employment areas or rural areas, otherwise known as “TEA”. TEA refers to communities with high-unemployment rates that allow capital investments which are designed to create more economic stability and viability within these communities.

There is a TEA mapping tool which allows users to freely check requirements for each census tract within the United States. It entails updated data which is beneficial for users to see if their own address would qualify as a targeted employment area.

>Requirements of TEA

-Location must have a disproportionate unemployment rate which is much greater than the national average

-Unemployment rate must be at least 150% higher than the national average at the time of the investment

-Poverty rate is at least 20%

-Family income does not exceed 80% of statewide average family income

-Area of residence within a rural area (not located within a large city with a population of at least 20,000 people)

-Must prove that investment will be located in an area that meets the according criteria of TEA

-Must prove that your investment has indirectly or directly created 10 new jobs

-Standard minimum investment of $500,000

With the EB-5 visa, investors are able to reside anywhere within the United States as they please as long we it reaches the qualifications. This is beneficially for the investor as they may live, work, and own their business in any area they choose.

Once your EB-5 is approved, your are able to receive a Green Card in order to reside in the United States. Dependents, including your spouse and children, are able to be included in the application and are eligible to receive Green Cards as well.

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