Ramona Kennedy

Attorney Ramona Kennedy is a Compassionate attorney who cares and will fight for you

An Avid reader, attorney Kennedy was inspired by her father who passionately attributed to her academic & personal growth.

Having exceptional science & math background at the national level Attorney Ramona Kennedy got admitted into Medical School & spent 6 years in Medical School, only to learn that she wants to attend Law School instead. She finished Law School & passed California Bar and was sworn-in by a kind-hearted judge in "Orange County Superior Court" of California. Attorney Ramona Kennedy is admitted to defend rights of her clients in front of the United States Supreme Court judges.

Attorney Ramona Kennedy is a dedicated lawyer who cares about her clients & will fight for you. For Ms. kennedy being an advocate to help others is both a deep passion & profession.​​


Whether it is interpreting laws, regulations and rulings for individuals and businesses, or advising and representing clients in private legal matters, before government agencies or in

courts ATTORNEY RAMONA KENNEDY has excellent communication skills. She is orally articulate, has great analytical skills & takes deliberate efforts to listen to client's case from the beginning.

She does not overtake a case unless she is confident she has covered all the details & has mapped a reasonably foreseeable legal solution towards solving it.​


An attorney not only solves legal problems but can help to prevent problems from even coming into appearance. While most people look for attorneys when problems arise, it is advised to have a lawyer to provide you with all the legal needs you have.​

Besides strong bonds she has developed with her father as her mentor, life coach, friend, leader & role model attorney Ramona Kennedy has been influenced by Attorney Gerry Spence's teachings, trial skills, philosophy & compassion for Clients. She practices excellent judgment in assessing solutions to complex cases. Being a lawyer is a compassionate profession for attorney Ramona Kennedy to give back what she has been blessed to receive.

“Gerald (Gerry) Leonard Spence (born January 8, 1929) is a semi-retired American trial lawyer. He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame. Spence has never lost a criminal case either as a prosecutor or a defense attorney, and has not lost a civil case since 1969, from Wikipedia”

 “That is why, in the course of human history, truth-telling has been designated as the highest of virtues in every culture, and why the credibility that results therefrom is always so powerful.”
― Gerry Spence, How to Argue and Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, In Court, Everywhere, Every Day

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  • Great Experience

    I had a great experience with Kennedy Law office.
  • Kind, Honest, Caring and Trustworthy

    Ms Kenndy is very kind, honest, caring and trustworthy lawyer.
  • Thoroughly Impressed

    While Ramona has not yet handled any of my legal cases, I recently contacted her over the phone to inquire about the possibility of a complimentary consulting session for my immigration case. I was thoroughly impressed by her level of proficiency and expertise as she provided me with clear and co...
  • The Right Approach

    She is very nice clever and honest to do the right approach for the needs
  • Highly Recommend

    Such a professional team, I know I'm in a good hands. Ramona answered all my questions and have reassured me throughout the whole process. she listened to me perfectly and I would highly recommend her to everyone.
  • Wealth of Knowledge

    Ms. Kennedy exhibited a remarkable level of friendliness and professionalism in assisting me with my legal case. Her wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, coupled with a positive attitude, were instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend her services.
  • Calm, Patient and Capable

    Thanks for your advises.Ramona is so calm, patient and capableGood luck
  • Five Stars

    Her knowledge and personality are five stars; long story short, she cares about you.
  • Professional and Knowledgeable

    I am happy to recommend Ramona Kennedy without reservation. From my experience, she is highly professional and knowledgeable in her field, and she treats her clients with a great deal of respect and care.Overall, I would say that this lawyer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for expert gu...
  • An Exceptional Lawyer

    I had the privilege of working with an exceptional lawyer (Ramona Kennedy) who recently handled my case, and I cannot praise her enough for the excellent job she did. From start to finish, her dedication and expertise were evident, making my experience truly outstanding.First and foremost, her re...
  • Criminal Case Solved

    I really appreciate, very patient and compassionate also very helpful  for a good result and always available for you.
  • Ask for reviews in different languages

    You may ask us to send you more reviews. Although we generally  don't ask for reviews, some clients just send them to us. Some of  the  reviews are  written in Clients native language which they felt  would show their  hears and appreciation more effectively.
  • Compassionate Knowledgeable, Professional good results for Criminal Case problem

    I really appreciate, very patient and compassionate also very helpful  for a good result and always available for you. 
  • Getting F24 visa

    I hired Ramona for my Immigrant visa application (F24) after a very  long time searching for an experienced immigration attorney. Due to the Trump ban, I thought it would be impossible to get my green  card. She knows the immigration law very well, especially the best  method to convince the immi...
  • US Green Card

    I had a chance to have Ramona Kennedy as my lawyer for my US  Green Card case. Ramona was helpful and responsive to all my  questions and concerns. It was impossible to get the US Green Card  for an Iranian man like me due to the Trump ban for Iranian, but my  case was successful with the waiver ...
  • Disciplined Caring Knowledgeable and Strategic Lawyer

    We let attorney Ramona handle our difficult and time consuming  case. We were told in order to do it successfully, or to get a positive  result we should be praying because there is no positive outcome or  success to such a case. Upon consultation, I thought she was very  knowledgeable. I told he...
  • She Helped Me

    Attorney Ramona Kennedy is the best lawyer that I have ever  worked with. She has always answered my questions. there were no  complexity or unclear parts. I highly recommend this lawyer. I was  not very hopeful at the very beginning. I didn't think I would win  my case at the first time. The fac...
  • Professionalism Responsiveness

    I have never met an attorney so caring. Ramona truly cares about  her clients and does her absolute best to help them. She gave me  hope and strength when I needed it. She doesn't waste time and  gets the job done. She is available to answer any questions you may  have. If you are looking for an ...
  • Non Stop Professional Efforts for My Success

    Ms. Ramona Kennedy has been an attorney who handled my case and few of my friends' cases. I successfully finished two cases with her, And I am happy  that I chose her. Before I start working with her, I asked questions and I  realized she paid very close attention to what I say, and I believed sh...
  • Attorney has helped me for years

    I personally think this review is long overdue, but then again I am doing it now. I hired attorney Ramona Kennedy for my case and I have referred to her multiple friends and families.She has been my attorney for all business and immigration issues for the last few years. The reason she is the onl...

    I have known attorney Ramona Kennedy for a few years & have asked for her professional legal help and advice in subjects I was dealing with; because of my involvement in the community, I have recommended her to a few hundred people throughout the times I know her.She is highly skilled lawyer, cla...
  • Very Happy with my lawyer Miss Ramona Kennedy

    Very happy with my lawyer   I got used to working with someone who claimed to be someone close to a lawyer and I am happy I am working with Miss Ramona Kennedy now.   She is accurate, caring, responsible, flexible, hard working. She explains things to me no matter how many times I ask and res...
  • Caring Dedicated Respectful Derailed

    I have hired Ms. Kennedy in my cases, and I have consulted with her since 2019. She has shown outmost care, dedication, respect and kindness which I am very happy with. I would continue to hire her for all upcoming cases as well. This is to appreciate her and recommend her to others so they can c...
  • Humanitarian Parole

    I am Elyas Ahmad I did hire Mrs Kennedy as my Attorney to file my family case for humanitarian parole, She did complete my family case package ready and sent it to immigration office and within a week the immigration fee has been deducted from my bank account which i understood my family case be...
  • Caring, knowledgeable, patient, kind

    I hired Attorney Ramona Kennedy and she has done a great job so far. She explained my case very accurately and we went through lots of details before we start. I found her to be knowledgeable and extremely nice. I want to thank her and recommend her for all your legal needs.
  • An Amazing and Excellent Advocate

    I hired Attorney Ramona Kennedy to handle my case. She is an absolutely wonderful preson to have on your side. She made herself available when I had questions. I am gratful for her kindness and patiencs and I would recommend her to anyone.
  • Professional immigration service

    Ramona was fantastic,excellent communication, professional & comprehensive adviser and honest . And she went above & beyond to make sure I have received all documents and have understood all progress step by step. Romana was a pleasure to deal with and really took the time to find the best Immi...
  • Knowledgeable, Understanding, Meticulous, Caring, Trustworthy, 5 star and more!

    I truly do not know where to start. It was in the beginning of the 2020 Covid Pandemic, and I was going through some changes in my spiritual life along with legal questions and absolutely desperate and confused about what to do. I called SO MANY and when I say SO MANY, I mean A Lot of lawyers whi...
  • Great

    Great personality , very nice person. Answering the all my question very good
  • She is so knowledgeable and helpful.

    She is so knowledgeable and helpful. She took her time to describe everything for me and she did great. She has a really good heart. I strongly recommend her.
  • Excellent

    Excellent, I am very lucky to have chosen this place
  • Could not ask for more!

    Could not ask for more! Optimistic while being realistic and extremely responsive.
  • So helpful

    So helpful, Very clear explanation around the immigration process.
  • I enjoyed their professionalism and follow up.

    As a US Citizen I have asked this law office to help me with my wife's case and I enjoyed their professionalism and follow up.
  • I am very glad to chose Ramona as my lawyer

    If you are looking for a great immigration lawyer-please look no further, Ramona is really amazing! Not only she is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in immigration field, but also she is super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case as her own.She is always available via phone or ...
  • Ramona is a very responsive professional who cares about her clients.

    Ramona is a very responsive professional who cares about her clients. She performs well beyond expectations.
  • She was extremely professional and courteous.

    My experience with Ms. Kennedy and her law firm was nothing but positive. She was extremely professional and courteous. She is without doubt the BEST attorney one can find.
  • She is very nice, very patient, absolutely kind.

    She is my lawyer. She is very nice, very patient, absolutely kind. She is very efficient and accurate. She listens to all the details very carefully and is available to clarify any unclear points. I highly recommend her and I know she will treat you with care and respect. You are in very good hands!
  • Professionalism , Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Ramona is great! Caring, goes above and beyond to help, she was wonderful to work with, she is very quick to respond to all my mails and question, Also ,She Is very fair with regards to attorney fees , I would highly 100% Recommend her to my friend and the family.   Ramona god bless you and you...
  • I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer.

    It had been a long time that I have been looking for a trustworthy attorney. Ms. Kennedy is knowledgeable and super professional in terms of different immigration cases. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer.
  • She handles each case with attention to detail and patience, she will fight for you!

    I have had the most wonderful experience with Ms. Kennedy, she is a gem of a person. Her work ethnic is commendable, she is extremely responsive with her clients and truly cares about them. She handles each case with attention to detail and patience, she will fight for you!
  • She is so smart

    She is so smart, in less than 30 minutes she pointed out the most important factors that I did not think about at all. She is honest and straightforward, that is the other thing I liked about her. The way she explains the problems, the examples she gives you are unique. She is patients in listeni...
  • I recommend her to those looking for an Immigration attorney.

    I had an excellent experience with their office and mainly with MS Kennedy. She is very responsible and knowledgeable; I recommend her to those looking for an Immigration attorney.
  • I appreciate her hard work, dedication and very close attention to details.

    Ms. Ramona Kennedy has been sincerely helping me since 2019. I am an immigrant and a business owner in Los Angeles, Nevada, Washington (Seattle).I have been involved in Commercial Transportation and Commercial city and urban development for the last 26 years. My father and grandfather have been h...
  • She’s got a long track record of winning on her clients behalf

    Having worked with Ms. Kennedy recently, it is comforting to know that her clients have a an exceptional attorney and legal thought leader on their side. She aggressively cares for her clients, their cases and the legal outcomes that they are seeking. She's got a long track record of winning on h...
  • Miss Kennedy is such a brilliant attorney.

    Miss Kennedy is such a brilliant attorney. I'm so grateful for her passion, dedication, intelligence, and professionalism. As she explained all the aspects of my case, I realized her knowledge and honesty made it easier for me to make a better decision. I've hired lawyers before, but she is truly...
  • Being awesome in what she does, she is still humble and likeable.

    I hired attorney Ramona M. Kennedy to do my case and throughout the years I have used her consultation for various legal cases; she spends time understanding me and advising me accurately. I am very pleased that she explains the legal outcome to me in simple ways so I have my options.I believe pe...

    Ramona was fantastic, excellent communication, professional & comprehensive adviser and honest .And she went above & beyond to make sure I have received all documents and have understood all progress step by step.Romana was a pleasure to deal with and really took the time to find the best Immigat...
  • Attorney Ramona Kennedy was an absolute pleasure to work with

    Attorney Ramona Kennedy was an absolute pleasure to work with; she is beyond professional, knowledgeable about her job, a joy to speak with, a great listener, and always helpful!She handled my case so professionally and with such good quality and care ❤️ really appreciate the courteous and profes...
  • Miss Ramona Kennedy has excellent analytical; communication and legal skills.

    Since I have hired and been working with Miss Ramona Kennedy I feel at peace and cared for after long years of being in legal issues (almost 5 years) and going to people who didn't know or got paid but didn't care.I paid a lot of money in the past to learn how to choose a good lawyer.  5 years of...
  • Ramona is a knowledgeable and patient attorney

    Ramona is a knowledgeable and patient attorney I've ever seen. She walked through whole my case with patience and diligence. I believe she truly cares about her clients. Further, she is honest and was always prompt in her replies.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMEND attorney Ramona Kennedy, priceless

    Attorney Ramona Kennedy helped me when I didn't have the best experience. She listened to my facts with diligence and patience; paid great attention to the details; questioned me on those details, then offered intelligent strategic solutions. I was happy inside, at peace in my mind and felt valua...
  • I would highly recommend This firm to anyone!

    This was my first time I needed legal advice from an attorney. None of them was fair and helpful! Ms Kennedy genuinely listened and offered guidance. I have a complicated case and I wanted to know my rights. Ms Kennedy assured me not to be scared and provided me with next steps and guidance for m...
  • So Helpful

    I would like to thank you Mrs Kennedy for being such a helpful person with good attitude. Thanks
  • Generously Offered a Free Consultation

    She generously offered a first free consultation and was very helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Very Impressed

    What a pleasure!!! Mrs. Kennedy was very kind and caring during my consultation with her. I was impressed that she did not waste any time and immediately started with essential questions. I already think that we established a great working relationship.
  • Extremely Helpful and Kind

    Ms. Kenedy, You are one of the best and most caring in your occupation. I was very confused and scared but your legal advice was extremely helpful. I highly recommend you to everyone that is going to choose a patient, knowledgeable lawyer. Thank you so much for your attention to my case.
  • Excellent Service

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the Lawyer, Ramoona kennedy for her hard work, dedication of time and best result for my case. She provided an excellent service and put her excellent knowledge in order to handle my case. She supported me and gave me hope throughout t...
  • I Enthusiastically Recommend Her to Anyone

    I found Ms. Kennedy to be very knowledgeable, diligent, kind, and compassionate. She listened to my concerns patiently and thoughtfully and provided me with clear answers to my questions and concerns. I am so grateful for finding her and my experience with her was exceptionally helpful. I feel so...
  • Knowledgeable, Fair, Honest, Helpful, Responsible and a Professional

    As a Foreign Legal Consultant lawyer in California, I have been in contact with many attorneys in California and other States' lawyers!In my opinion, Dr. Ramona Kennedy is one of the Top 10 professional lawyers in California who knows Iranian culture and speaks Farsi fluently!Dr. Kennedy not only...
  • A True Professional

    Reliable, Expert, and true professional Lawyer!
  • Good Legal Advice and Experience

    I had a good experience with her and I like her legal advice.
  • Excellent Guidance

    Thank you for your great understanding my feelings and my life. I appreciate that for explaining and thank you for answering all my questions. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for encouraging me and giving me hope and for your comfort and companionship and your excellent guidance.
  • Recommend Her to Anyone

    I am very grateful for her kindness, patience and good manners and would recommend her to anyone.
  • Best Attorney I’ve Ever Utilized

    Ramona Kennedy is very kind to help me on a Sunday with my case. I'm very glad she assisted me with my situation and I'm very satisfied. She is the best attorney I've ever utilized in my life. I highly recommend her.
  • Professional and Responsive

    I had the pleasure to work with Ms. Ramona Kennedy. She helped me to get my E2 visa. She is professional and responsive. If you are looking for a reliable attorney, I would highly recommend her.
  • I Would Recommend Her to Anyone

    She is very professional and kind. I would recommend her to anyone.
  • Highly Recommended

    I had a call with Ramona about my immigration case today. She was so kind and professional. I highly recommend her. Thanks a lot for your help.
  • Very Kind and Knowledgeable

    I highly recommend her she's very kind and knowledgeable.
  • An Expert in Her Field

    Ramona Kennedy is a multidisciplinary lawyer and an expert in her field. If you trust her with your legal problems, I am sure that in a short time your tasks will be solved. I would say the best lawyer with the best skills in the world 🏆
  • Excellent Experience

    I had a very excellent experience with her getting the fastest visa in a bad situation. She did a great job, I am thankful for her management and her patience in following up.

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