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Ramona Kennedy

Attorney Ramona Kennedy is a Compassionate attorney who cares and will fight for you

A vivid reader, attorney Kennedy was inspired by her father who passionately attributed to her academic & personal growth. Her Father was a very kind, highly intelligent, disciplined & dedicated family man in uniform--high rank AIR FORCE officer--who believed we have to change the world for better.

In a school survey about "What Do you Want to become When you Grow up" then 4 year-old Ramona wrote "I want to become a Spacewoman". Her father's reaction to the statement was one short sentence "No, You Are a Writer".

Having exceptional science & math background at the national level Attorney Ramona Kennedy got admitted into Medical School & spent 6 years in Medical School, only to learn that she wants to attend Law School instead. She finished Law School & passed California Bar to once prove to what her father had recognized as her abilities: "she is a writer". When attorney Kennedy was sworn-in by a kind-hearted judge in "Orange County Superior Court" of California, her father had already been killed in a car accident.  Nonetheless his statement was unequivocally proven. 

Attorney Ramona Kennedy is a dedicated lawyer who cares about her clients & will fight for you. For Ms. kennedy being an advocate to help others is both a deep passion & profession.​​


Whether it is interpreting laws, regulations and rulings for individuals and businesses, or advising and representing clients in private legal matters, before government agencies or in

courts ATTORNEY RAMONA KENENDY has excellent communication skills. She is orally articulate, has great analytical skills & takes deliberate efforts to listen to client's case from the beginning.

She does not overtake a case unless she is confident she has covered all the details & has mapped a reasonably foreseeable legal solution towards solving it.​


An attorney not only solves legal problems but can help to prevent problems from even coming into appearance. While most people look for attorneys when problems arise, it is advised to have a lawyer to provide you with all the legal needs you have.​

Besides strong bonds she has developed with her father as her mentor, life coach, friend, leader & role model attorney Ramona Kennedy has been influenced by Attorney Gerry Spence's teachings, trial skills, philosophy & compassion for Clients. She practices excellent judgment in assessing solutions to complex cases. Being a lawyer is a compassionate profession for attorney Ramona Kennedy to give back what she has been blessed to receive.

“Gerald (Gerry) Leonard Spence (born January 8, 1929) is a semi-retired American trial lawyer. He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame. Spence has never lost a criminal case either as a prosecutor or a defense attorney, and has not lost a civil case since 1969, from Wikipedia”

 “That is why, in the course of human history, truth-telling has been designated as the highest of virtues in every culture, and why the credibility that results therefrom is always so powerful.”
― Gerry Spence, How to Argue and Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, In Court, Everywhere, Every Day


  • Criminal Case Solved

    I really appreciate, very patient and compassionate also very helpful  for a good result and always available for you.
  • Ask for reviews in different languages

    You may ask us to send you more reviews. Although we generally  don't ask for reviews, some clients just send them to us. Some of  the  reviews are  written in Clients native language which they felt  would show their  hears and appreciation more effectively.
  • Compassionate Knowledgeable, Professional good results for Criminal Case problem

    I really appreciate, very patient and compassionate also very helpful  for a good result and always available for you. 
  • Getting F24 visa

    I hired Ramona for my Immigrant visa application (F24) after a very  long time searching for an experienced immigration attorney. Due to the Trump ban, I thought it would be impossible to get my green  card. She knows the immigration law very well, especially the best  method to convince the immi...
  • US Green Card

    I had a chance to have Ramona Kennedy as my lawyer for my US  Green Card case. Ramona was helpful and responsive to all my  questions and concerns. It was impossible to get the US Green Card  for an Iranian man like me due to the Trump ban for Iranian, but my  case was successful with the waiver ...
  • Disciplined Caring Knowledgeable and Strategic Lawyer

    We let attorney Ramona handle our difficult and time consuming  case. We were told in order to do it successfully, or to get a positive  result we should be praying because there is no positive outcome or  success to such a case. Upon consultation, I thought she was very  knowledgeable. I told he...
  • She Helped Me

    Attorney Ramona Kennedy is the best lawyer that I have ever  worked with. She has always answered my questions. there were no  complexity or unclear parts. I highly recommend this lawyer. I was  not very hopeful at the very beginning. I didn't think I would win  my case at the first time. The fac...
  • Professionalism Responsiveness

    I have never met an attorney so caring. Ramona truly cares about  her clients and does her absolute best to help them. She gave me  hope and strength when I needed it. She doesn't waste time and  gets the job done. She is available to answer any questions you may  have. If you are looking for an ...
  • Non Stop Professional Efforts for My Success

    Ms. Ramona Kennedy has been an attorney who handled my case and few of my friends' cases. I successfully finished two cases with her, And I am happy  that I chose her. Before I start working with her, I asked questions and I  realized she paid very close attention to what I say, and I believed sh...

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